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Corporate lawyers help companies conduct business. They help corporations do business better. In any case your corporate lawyer will be on your side. We can offer you experienced lawyers in this branch. To defend your interests with partners or opponents

Civil law systems, also called continental or Romano-Germanic legal systems, are found on all continents and cover about 60% of the world. They are based on concepts, categories, and rules derived from Roman law, with some influence of canon law, sometimes largely supplemented or modified by local custom or culture. The civil law tradition, though secularized over the centuries and placing more focus on individual freedom, promotes cooperation between human beings.

Commerce is at the core of a democratic society and, in order to be strong economically, it must be attractive to businesses. One way of doing this is to have a strong set of laws and regulations protecting businesses that enter into agreements with others and providing resolutions when things don’t go to plan. Commercial law provides that platform.

Who we are

Money Management Coalition - is the professional body of advocats and jurists. Our role is to represent, support and promote clients in the UK and Europe and internationally. We also support a fair and just society by speaking out to defend the rule of law and access to justice for everyone when we believe these basic principles are under threat. We help our clients to achive succes and justice in any cases.


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Criminal Law

Robbery, violence, murder, heavy bodily injury. We treat each case responsibly.

Corporate Law

Controversial issues between partners or opponents

Commercial Law

Resolving cash flow issues

Civil Rights Law

Civil rights and obligations


Anthony Jid

Very friendly attitude towards the client and his problems - you can always ask for advice and help, even on related issues, and plus to all the quality advice on matters of inheritance.

Julie Fontis

There were problems with the division of property. I did not know who to ask for help, how to find a good lawyer. A friend advised me to contact Money Management Coalition. And really! The company knows its business, issues with the division of property were resolved promptly and without the cost of nerves

Anna Malkovich

Helped me get money back from scammers "24Option" They sued with brokers for a long time, but my money was returned in full.

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